English Plus Football Homestay Host Family accommodation

English Plus Football Homestay Accommodation

You will have excellent quality, standard homestay (host family) within the city boundary of Worcester. Your accommodation will be clean and comfortable and your hosts will be friendly.

Accommodation Description

  • Your own bedroom
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • Breakfast and evening meal every day
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday if you are at home

Staying with a homestay (or host family) is an excellent way of maximising your English language learning opportunities at the same time as having comfortable accommodation and experiencing English lifestyle.

Some of your homestay questions answered …

What meals are included in the homestay?
You will have breakfast and evening dinner every day, plus lunch on Saturday and Sunday if you are at home. During the week (Monday to Friday) lunch is provided at Royal Grammar School as part of your course.

Will my homestay provide vegetarian food?
Yes, if you tell us in advance on your application form. If you do not ask for this in advance we cannot then ask the family to cook vegetarian food because it may not be part of their daily routine. If you have any other dietary needs please do let us know when you book your course.

Will my hosts do my laundry?
Yes, although they may ask you to clean your own football boots!

Will there be any pets in my homestay?
Most English people have a dog or a cat, and most of these sleep in the house at night (usually in the kitchen or utility room). If you have a problem with pets (like an allergy for example) let us know on your application form and we will do our best to find you a family without any pets.

How do I get to football training every day?
Your host family will transport you to the door and pick you up afterwards if it is too far to walk, however most homestays are within easy walking distance. For all of our students on the English Plus Football programme we take responsibility for your proper care at all times.